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First of all, welcome to the Ultimate Workshop's website. Thank you for finding the time to check out our digital self.

To begin, we are in the early stages of development for our online presence. To this we say that there is a bit of a learning curve (or relearning curve as the case may be), and though we have done a fair amount of planning, we still expect to find some hiccup's, potholes, and the such, as we get the site spruced up.  Oh yea I'm talking at you Mr. Responsive web site and thank you so much Mr. Jobs, ok I regress.

   As you browse today, just remember that if you come back in a week, you may not recognize us. As in true DIY fashion, we are going to trial and error all the way to what we want this site to be, and that is one heck of a great place to see what we do and how you can be a part of it. So see what is up and come back frequently.



Chuck ;)